Auglaize County Courthouse

The county's first courthouse was the Methodist Episcopal church. A frame building completed in 1834, it was used by the county in exchange for the free provision of a pulpit for the congregation. Until the county's first permanent courthouse was built in 1854, the courts rotated around the city's various churches, and the local government officials used rented rooms in buildings throughout Wapakoneta. The first purpose-built courthouse was a Greek Revival style structure of red brick and white trim window and door frames. Two Corinthian columns framed the entrance and supported a pedimented roof above. A rectangular drum rose above the roof which contained corinthian column supports and was capped with a dome with a spire.


The Present County Courthouse

Auglaize County's present courthouse was designed by architect Julius Kremer of Columbus and construction was completed by E.M. Campfield & Co. of Findlay in 1894 at a cost of $259,481. A total of 85 men were hired to work on the project.

"The Board of County Commissioners, then composed of Jacob Logan, William Bartliami William Kelly, entered into contract with E, M. Campfield in the sum of $102,536.80 for the construction of the building. In the meantime the Board purchased the property comprising one entire half block, bounded by Willipe, Pearl, Perry and Mechanic streets, upon which the building is located, and on July 2, 1893. the work of excavation was begun.As the work progressed, addition after addition, and almost innumerable alterations, were made until the cost aggregated more than double the amount authorized by the law."1

The building is constructed of Berea Sandstone and features tile flooring and a statue of Lady Justice in the main corridor. The current courthouse was preceded by another courthouse, which was built in 1851 at a cost of $11,499.

Located at 201 South Willipie St in the county seat of Wapakoneta, the courthouse is in use today and houses the Auglaize County Municipal Court and the Auglaize County Court of Common Pleas and its probate, juvenile and domestic relations divisions.

PRESS Of W M. LINN and SONS 1905

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